Oulun normaalikoulu - Front page

Oulu UNIVERSITY Teacher Training School

We educate pupils to independent thinking, initiativeness, responsibility and co-operativeness.


Oulun normaalikoulu, Norssi, is a versatile school which has two principal roles: apart from being both a comprehensive school and a high school, it also works as a part of the teacher training programme at Oulu university. Oulun normaalikoulu provides free comprehensive education for 6 –16 year-old pupils and high school education for 16 – 19 year-old students.


Oulun normaalikoulu is a Unesco school where internationality, equality and tolerance are promoted. We provide high-class education also with the aid of the latest information technology.


The quality of teacher training in Finland is high. Teachers are required a university degree. It takes about five years to obtain one. Oulun normaalikoulu is a part of the educational faculty of Oulu university. Norssi is a training school where future teachers can familiarize with practical work. As a training school it also provides further education for teachers and works actively to improve teaching methods.